Mart Blankert (Manager Service and Support at Alfa Laval Aalborg)
I have been working with Peter for more than 18 months now and have hired him multiple times for specialist jobs
on the Alfa Laval /Smit Gas Inert Gas Systems both in off-shore and marine applications.
Peter has proven to be a true professional in all aspect of customer contacts and relations,
technical matters. In addition Peter has a good eye for commercial opportunities and advises
both customers and principals accordingly. Peter has proven to be reliable and trustworthy, a man of his word.
I can highly recommend Peter and can be contacted for reference
Arjan Elijzen (Business Unit Manager @Connect ZZP Service)
Vanuit mijn positie binnen Connect ZZP Service geregeld met Peter samen bij klanten gezeten. Peter is naast een absolute vakman (Kennis en kunde van een hoog niveau) een zeer plezierige gesprekspartner.
Peter weet helder en duidelijk te communiceren en op elk niveau.
In mijn optiek een zeer ervaren Field Service Engineer die een extra dimensie geeft aan het inlenen van een zelfstandig ondernemer.
Boris van der Mee (Global Market Unit Manager Service, Marine & Diesel Systems – Parts & Service – Alfa Laval)
Peter is one of the most professional service engineers I have worked with. Besides his strong technical knowledge, he is a good communicator and sparring partner on all levels within the organisation. Peter is one of the few service engineers who is able to change his role as the situation on location occur (sales, diplomatic, trainee, r&d development). Furthermore he played an important role in the development of commercializing after sales service. His personal characteristics make him a nice person to work with (calm, good sense of humour, serious if needed, customer focused, keeps the companies interest in mind, comes with good ideas).
Jan Visser (Interim project coordinator at Huisman Global Services Borealis Subsea 7)
During my summer holiday period 2013 Peter kept the project overhal J-Lay Tower Balderrunning .The stage the project was at that time was between structural and assembly.